The transition from a legacy PBX based system to VoIP opens your voice infrastructure up to many new points of exposure. Securing your VoIP traffic is critical in order to maintain performance and minimize downtime. The traditional firewall is not the best answer when it comes to public voice services. The firewall is the front door to the global internet, through which all traffic must pass. It is the main point of ingress to the enterprise network: a single-layer defense strategy that, once compromised, leaves the entire enterprise exposed to a myriad of threats.

The continued development of cloud technologies makes it even more difficult to determine friend from foe. More control is needed: imagine a perimeter ‘fence’ established outside of the firewall. This fence would serve to eliminate threats from known geographic locations and sources, and to protect the firewall, the enterprise and voice communications from attacks, toll fraud and quality of service issues related to cloud based platforms.

Firewalls are sentinels watching the enterprise gateway, and are easily overwhelmed when attacked. If such an attack occurs, there is no other line of defense to protect the firewall, and no perimeter fence to help defeat an attack. The combination of an SBC and Packet Viper is the only solution available today that performs perimeter security by blocking entire countries and/or applications before they can degrade services.

Packet Viper creates a perimeter fence and permits the enterprise to operate within a custom-defined set of boundaries while preserving the security and quality of service for global cloud-based voice operations. The SBC hides your infrastructure and protects it from toll fraud through encryption and controlling the RTP stream once established.

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