Upgrade to the new AudioCodes 445HD IP phone: new features your team will love

February 14, 2018

AudioCodes has just released a new business IP phone: the 445HD is an updated version of the AudioCodes IP phones you already know and love, complete with new, advanced and upgrade-worthy features you are going to love.

Released in September of 2017, it is a great addition to AudioCodes’ 400 series of IP phones and an experience

Out of the box, it may not appear significantly different than your current AudioCodes IP phone, but there are some subtle and not-so-subtle differences that will support boosted productivity and help you do more with the greatest of ease.

Advanced features to love

The 445HD carries forward all of the business IP phone features you have already come to depend on and adds a few special features that many users have been asking for:

Easy-to-navigate 4.3” high-resolution color screen

The larger color screen makes it easy to keep track of your incoming and parked calls.

Enhanced productivity suite

The 445HD supports complex legacy workflows, helping you enhance your productivity without the pain points of having to adapt to new methods.

Dedicated LCD sidecar

The integrated LCD sidecar helps you manage your speed dial contacts, displaying their presence on the system and enabling a fast connection.

Complete presence monitoring for 12 lines

Your most used contacts are displayed on the LCD sidecar with full presence monitoring support so you can stay organized and connected throughout your busy day.

Completely IT managed

Like other IP phones in the 400 series, the 445HD can be managed centrally via the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) to save time and IT resources. This allows your IT team to manage inventory, provision new units, monitor call quality and push out global updates when available.

Six lines that support two concurrent calls per line

For the team that works at the speed of today’s business, the 445HD supports more calls and helps you manage them with ease.

Four programmable soft keys

Soft keys allow you to sign on to your UC system, change your system status, initiate dialing, and set custom programs for a variety of functions.

Six multi-function soft keys

Multi-function soft keys support a range of software functions on the IP phone such as do not disturb, call forward, intercom, and connect you to a range of UC software such as S4B.

High definition SILK voice quality codec

The gold standard for voice quality in IP telephony, the SILK codec is made especially for Skype iterations. It assures high-resolution voice quality from end-to-end, ensuring that your communications are crystal clear.

Support for native voice dialing

Multi-taskers will love the voice dialing feature as it frees up your hands to accomplish other things as you move quickly through your daily call list.

The features you love just got better

As with other IP phones in the 400HD range, the 445HD is a full duplex desk phone that supports PoE. It can also be used with an external power supply but is flexible enough to be relocated anywhere in the office that you need to work.

It features support for multiple users via the sign-in process, which is handy for offices that support a remote workforce or field team. Users simply use soft keys to sign in or out of the UC environment. Once signed in, all personal user preferences and contacts are loaded onto the unit, making it easy to hit the ground running.

Designed with Microsoft in mind

The 445HD was made for Microsoft Office 365 environments. Following the lead of the 400 series IP phones that came before, it continues to prove its value to the enterprise in many ways.

Your teams will love it because it makes what they already do so much easier. From connecting with the rest of their team to communicating effortlessly with customers all over the world, it will quickly become an essential tool in every department – but nowhere does it show its value better than it does in collaborative environments.

With today’s movement towards a global workforce, having an IP phone solution that supports these types of workflows is essential. With full language support, Skype for Business integration, presence monitoring, and all of its other advanced features, this is a business IP phone that is ready to do the heavy lifting.

For companies that are still using legacy workflows, the 445HD simplifies what are often more complex tasks in S4B, such as multiple boss administration. By replicating legacy PBX workflows and leveraging the extra-large touchscreen as well as the LCD sidecar, your team is able to bypass the learning curve and maintain high productivity while taking full advantage of the 445HDs advanced features.

Need to upgrade your IP phone system? CCG Telecom can help!

If you are thinking about upgrading from earlier versions of the 400HD line of IP phones, there has never been a better time. Call to speak with a technician today to learn more about the 445HD and how it can help you accomplish your business goals.